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At GNZ Financial, we want to partner with you to build a comprehensive, customized financial plan that fits your unique and special needs.

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While many advisors and firms focus solely on accumulating assets, GNZ Financial takes a more holistic approach. We plan for both the accumulation and post-retirement or distribution phase of a client’s financial life. In order to accomplish this, we PLAN first and INVEST second. A well designed plan will help protect your money from catastrophic losses and inflation, while showing you how to generate a lifetime income and a legacy to your heirs.

Greg Zott is a contributing author of...

Greg Zott is a contributing author of...

You're in Control  shares insight on the common retirement question when should I take Social Security? From there it takes readers along a journey about how to think about investing differently for and during retirement, driving home the point that conventional wisdom may be failing today's investors.

This book focuses on three critical aspects of retirement planning - growing, protecting, and distributing your wealth. Readers will be left with the important knowledge of what to look for in a financial professional relationship.

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