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About GNZ Financial

team∙work, noun:

Cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal.

We couldn’t do it alone. Frankly, we wouldn’t want to.

Greg Zott

GNZ Partner & Founder, Financial Advisor

(248) 519-2222

(248) 250-5297

Greg Zott is the founder and president of GNZ Financial. After completing his undergraduate degree in 1977, Greg worked for the John Hancock Insurance Company as an agent and then staff manager.

Those years were valuable in two ways:

  • Learning the basic principles of financial planning.
  • Finding out the limitations of a one company Advisor.

Able to take what he learned from his experience with a big corporation and combine it with the benefits offered by being an independent financial advisor, Greg started GNZ Financial in January 1988. In 2019, GNZ’s growth allowed a re-location to the “Top of Troy” building in the heart of downtown Troy. In 2023, GNZ celebrated 35 years in business.

To have a role in people’s lives where he helps them pursue financial goals and gain confidence in their journey through life is a blessing to Greg. Being able to help people work towards achieving their dreams and make a living at the same time is a consistently rewarding experience.

Greg has been married to his wife Therese for 46 years and has five sons and five grandchildren. His leisure time is filled with reading, traveling, church activities, and plenty of togetherness with his family.

Scott Hilliard

GNZ Partner, Financial Advisor

(248) 928-6659

In October 2023, Scott Hilliard joined Greg as a partner at GNZ. Scott brings over 20-years’ experience in the finance and accounting space and prior to joining GNZ, Scott Hilliard served as a financial advisor at another firm and prior to that served as the VP of Finance for a large automotive supplier in metro-Detroit Michigan.

Scott brings a passion to helping his clients understand their path for a great retirement and helping them take pro-active steps to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Scott is experienced in retirement planning and has extensive experience helping Federal employees, State of Michigan Employees, Public School Teachers, and individuals working at large and small employers across metro-Detroit.

Scott is happily married to his wife, Jamie, and they have two amazing kids. When not helping people realize their retirement dreams, Scott spends time with his family and dog, he is an outdoor enthusiast and loves hiking, biking and paddling.  

GNZ Financial also has an incredible team of supporting partners who help our clients behind the scenes. 

Many financial professionals will: 

  • Ask about your time horizons for retirement, college planning, estate planning, etc.
  • Research investments
  • Recommend investment products
  • Show you how to diversify your assets to lower your overall risk

But this approach might lead you to make financial decisions in an economic vacuum, considering only part of what is important.

When making financial decisions there are two issues that must be addressed:

  1. What are my resources and needs?
  2. What could the economic and tax landscape potentially look like down the road?

Many financial professionals only attempt to deal with the first issue and my not even mention the second. Does that make sense? It is like being sold a tailored winter coat, but never checking the local weather patterns. If you live in South Florida, how reasonable is it to buy the coat, no matter how good the fit?

You deserve a Financial Professional who considers not only your situation, but also the economic and tax environment in which you live, work, and invest.

The analysts, advisors, and resources that we look to are not unduly swayed by short-term shocks to our economic system, nor do they become overly focused on the extreme volatility that can often occur in our financial markets. Instead, they help guide financial professionals and their clients using long-term economic indicators and planning opportunities that are anchored in historical patterns of spending and demographics, and potential ways to best plan for retirement and tax issues.

We are members of various advisor networks which help us educate our clients about what may lie ahead economically and tax wise. Based on this information and ongoing research, our clients are able to develop action plans designed to help move them toward wealth creation and an increased confidence in their retirement and financial estate plans.

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