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Michigan Public School Educators

Extensive Experience Helping Michigan Public School Teachers and Staff 

The retirement system for Michigan Public Schools is unique, so you need unique solutions and support to help you on your journey towards a great retirement.  At GNZ, we have extensive experience helping Michigan Public School Teachers and Staff understand their retirement benefits. We have established a process to guide them through the essential steps, ensuring they get the most of their retirement benefits. 

Whether you're approaching retirement or just starting to consider it, we are here to support you.

Our Process

Our Process

For Michigan Public School Teachers and Staff, we have created the Educators Retirement Process, which is an extension of our Perspective Formula. This process focuses on the seven foundational pillars and your unique state benefits to maximize outcomes and support you on your path towards financial freedom

How We Can Help

Exclusively for Michigan Public School Teachers and Staff, we offer unique retirement planning solutions, including educational webinars about your state benefits and no-cost, one-on-one retirement consultations.

See below for additional information.

Michigan Public School Retirement Webinars

Michigan Public School Retirement Webinars

We frequently host, no-cost educational webinars focused on the Michigan Public School Retirement System.

These sessions typically last 45-minutes and provide a great overview of your retirement benefits, including:

- The State of Michigan Retirement Plans (covering Basic, MIL, Pension Plus and Defined Contribution Plans);
- Social Security
- Investment and Savings for your Retirement
- Healthcare in Retirement.

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The next 30-minute webinar sessions are at:

Wednesday, May 29th @ 4pm

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Wednesday, May 29th @ 6pm

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Retirement Consultation – Exclusively for Michigan Public School Teachers and Staff

For Michigan Public School Teachers and Staff, we offer a no-cost retirement consultation meeting. This one-hour virtual session via Zoom delves deep into your retirement plan and path to retirement. 

Client Centered

As part of your consultation, we will provide a custom retirement plan based on your unique situation and your state benefits and this includes:

-Your State retirement benefits (Pension or DC plan)
- Your Social security benefits
- Your Investments and savings, growth expectations, and retirement withdrawal projections
- Your estimate Healthcare costs in retirement.

As part of the Retirement Consultation, we will request some supporting documents to create your custom retirement report.

We believe this Retirement Consultation is beneficial at every career stage, offering invaluable insights and a personalized roadmap to your retirement.

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Other Key Resources for Michigan Educators

Client Centered

Michigan Office of Retirement Services -  recommend logging into your ORS account to verify your years of service and your retirement plan; ORS Website.

Social Security - recommend logging into SSA to get your Social Security Statement and to verify your earnings history; website.

VOYA - State of Michigan 457 & 401K Plan - if you are a member of the Defined Contribution Plan or the Pension Plus Plan, you will have a State of Michigan 457 and 401K at VOYA.  Plan information is available at VOYA State of Michigan.

We are here to help - please reach out if you have any questions.