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Getting Started - Our Planning Process

At GNZ, we focus on planning first, investing second.

At GNZ, we focus on planning first, investing second.

Investment management on its own is NOT financial planning but only a small part of the overall planning puzzle. And, it is important to understand that purchasing and owning investments is NOT a financial plan. We have found that many firms only want to provide investment sales and management. When you work with GNZ Financial, you benefit from a more comprehensive approach.

Interested in learning more about how GNZ Financial works? You can walk through our planning process by clicking on the links below:

  1. The Introduction Call is the first part of our process in which we get to "meet" each other via a brief phone call. We will briefly discuss our process and discuss your goals and objectives and evaluate whether our firm is the right fit for a long-term relationship with you and your family.

  2. At GNZ we are looking for clients that are the right fit for a long-term relationship. During our meeting, held either in-person at our Troy office or virtually, we will strive to understand what matters most to you and how we can support you and your family. Prior to the meeting, we ask that you complete our confidential profile and provide certain supporting documents.

  3. If you like what you hear during our Discover meeting, our next step is to create your personal financial plan. The financial plan provides detailed information on how you may be able to have the income you seek in retirement and future growth in your nest egg. It will effectively assign a “job description” to each investment asset you have so that you know exactly why you own each investment and how and when each will be utilized to provide you with a greater degree of confidence in your future income. Additionally, we will discuss all seven pillars of our Perspective Formula, including:

    1. Retirement Planning
    2. Wealth Management & Investment Strategy
    3. Social Security Strategy
    4. Risk Management
    5. Tax Planning
    6. Legacy Planning 
    7. Value-Added Services 

  4. Choosing someone to help you manage your wealth is a big decision. Prior to deploying a new investment strategy, we will review all our recommendations including:

    What do you own…specifically?
    Why do you own it? (What is its specific purpose?)
    What is going to trigger a change? (When will you know to do something different?)
    How our approach differs.
    Full disclosure of all fees.

    At GNZ, we don’t just invest, we PLAN first, INVEST second and continually MONITOR to make sure your plan stays on course.

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