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Asset Cycle

At GNZ Financial, we believe you should plan first and invest second. Popular strategies like asset allocation and rebalancing are the main approaches the financial industry uses in retirement. While these strategies can bring value to a portfolio, they are NOT a retirement plan.

Your Retirement Plan should function as a business. Every dollar in your portfolio has a task. If your assets are not designed to perform specific duties, how can you be sure your plan will achieve the goals you desire?

GNZ Financial utilizes a trademarked strategic approach to retirement planning known as the “Asset Cycle Portfolio System®.” The goal is to give a specific job description or “task” to each set of assets. This approach does not allocate assets; instead, assets are designated to achieve specific goals—short term income, mid-term income, long term growth, etc.—regardless of market or economic conditions.

For more information on the “Asset Cycle Portfolio System®,” please watch our video. This system personifies are commitment to planning first and investing second in order to give our clients increased confidence concerning their retirement goals.

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