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Formulaic Investing

As an independent financial planning firm, our number one focus is our clients. Our goal is to help our clients work toward their financial goals. We choose to be independent because it affords us the ability to have access to a multitude of different investment strategies and investment management firms that are designed to help our clients work toward achieving their goals.

One of those investment management firms is a company by the name of USA Financial Formulas. As we go through the financial planning process, we may identify that USA Financial Formulas will be a good fit for a portion of your portfolio. The investment strategies developed by USA Financial Formulas are based upon a concept they refer to as formulaic trending. Simply put, the investment decisions made are based strictly upon formulaic criteria, rather than “a hunch.” In addition, they seek to identify trends that may be taking place in the stock market and economy. This helps to guide the investment decision making process.

The video below shares the basic philosophy of this investment firm.

USA Financial Formulas is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. SEC File No. 801-68276. SEC Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. You should only invest in Formulas upon receiving and reading the USA Financial Formulas ADV.

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