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What is an Independent Firm?

Why chose an Independent Financial Advisor?

An INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISOR represents and works for the CLIENT.

A CAREER ADVISOR represents and works for a COMPANY(s).

At GNZ FINANCIAL, the CLIENT, not the COMPANY, comes first.

What is a Fiduciary?

  1. One who must act for the benefit of another party.
  2. A person appointed to handle another person's finances. A fiduciary holds the assets of another person and is required to act in the best interests of that person; he/she is not allowed to invest for personal profit.


In other words, investment advisor representatives MUST do what is best for their client. To put anyone else’s needs before the client would be in violation of a Fiduciary’s ethical standard and could result in losing their license

Consequently, when you decide to partner with our firm, our interests are the same….what’s best for you. This is the value of having a Financial Advisor held to a fiduciary standard.

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